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Written by Sharib Hashmi, Ramsingh Charlie is a Hindi film that showcases the brutal reality of the world that is completely oblivious to the turns in life of a circus artist. Ramsingh’s life takes an uncertain turn when the circus where he used to perform as Charlie shuts down overnight due to financial losses.

In a spur of moment, Ramsingh’s life takes a drastic turn. He later sends his pregnant wife and child to his village to prevent them from the vagaries and uncertainties of his joblessness. When wife Kajri returns with the kids from village, she is unhappy to see how far her husband has drifted for survival by looking down on his current profession. Could his wife inspire Ramsingh to become Charlie again? The climax of the story lies in Ramsingh’s attempt to strike a delicate balance between his passion and responsibilities. Sitback, relax and watch Ramsingh Charlie online only on SonyLIV.

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Nitin Kakkar


Nitin Kakkar


Sharib Hashmi



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Divya Dutta


Kumud Mishra

Ramsingh Charlie

Akarsh Khurana


Farrukh Seyer


Ramsingh Charlie Plot

Directed by Nitin Kakkar, Ramsingh Charlie movie is an unconventional Hindi Drama about a family of circus artists. Ramsingh, whose stage name is Charlie Chaplin, performs in a travelling circus. He has always lived the life of a circus performer along with his wife Kajri and pre-teen son Chintu.The family’s happiness manifolds when Kajri announces that she is pregnant with the couple’s second child.  

But their world turns upside down, when Charlie’s Jango circus closes overnight. In a spur of moment, Ramsingh’s life takes an unexpected turn. He now has to face the bigger circus of life with his pregnant wife (Divya Dutta) and son Chintu. Though, Ramsingh loses all hope but still decides not to give up and starts looking up for a job in other circuses. But his attempts to get back on his feet start dwindling when potential employers push Ramsingh around. He later sends his pregnant wife and child to his village to prevent them from the vagaries and uncertainties of his joblessness.

The story of Ramsingh Charlie Hindi movie shows us the wandering lives of circus people. He puts in all his efforts, but a hand-pulled rickshaw becomes a source of his income in the busy streets of Kolkata and he ends up becoming a rickshaw wala.

Though he takes this plunge in order to provide a living for his family, his downfall from being an artist to a Rickshaw puller comes as a huge setback for Ramsingh’s wife Kajri. But could Kajri ignite his true passion again, which was acting on the stage? Will he ever return back to the circus arena as Charlie?

Divya Dutta and Kumud Mishra have brilliantly performed in their respective roles. Also, the supporting actors have contributed beautifully. So what are you waiting for? Watch Ramsingh Charlie movie online only on SonyLIV.

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