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On Becoming A God In Central Florida

Set in the early 1990’s, On Becoming a God in Central Florida follows the journey of Krystal Stubbs (Kirsten Dunst), from being a minimum-wage earner at a water park to becoming the fearless businesswoman. Krystal is determined to make a better life for herself, no matter what. She lies, schemes and cons her way up the ranks of Founders American Merchandise (FAM) — the cultish, flag-waving, multibillion-dollar pyramid scheme, that ruined her own family in the first place. Krystal dives deep into Founders America Merchandise (FAM) and develops a tangled relationship with FAM’s most loyal and fanatical follower Cody (Théodore Pellerin), until her business begins to affect those closest to her, including Ernie (Mel Rodriguez), and Bets (Beth Ditto) her neighbours and friends.The show stars Kristen Dunst in a lead role. It also boasts of a cast that includes Théodore Pellerin, Mel Rodriguez, Beth Ditto and Ted Levine. In addition to her role as the lead actor, Kristen Dunst also serves as an executive producer.This show is worth a wholesome watch. For those looking for a dark comedy full of satires, On Becoming A God in Central Florida is the best pick. Download the all new SonyLIV app and stream the show now!

On Becoming A God In Central Florida Details


Charlie McDowell, Tricia Brock, and Rodman Flender

Charlie McDowell, Kirsten Dunst, George Clooney, and Grant Heslov


Robert Funke and Matt Lutsky





Know more about the cast of On Becoming A God In Central Florida

Kirsten Dunst

Krystal Stubbs

Théodore Pellerin


Mel Rodriguez


Beth Ditto


Ted Levine

Obie Garbeau II

On Becoming A God In Central Florida Plot

Created by Robert Funke and Matte Lutsky, On Becoming A God In Central Florida is a dark comedy series starring Golden Globe nominee Kirsten Dunst in a lead role. This English web series centres around a poorly paid water park employee who strives for a beautiful life. To fulfil her goal, she eventually cons and schemes her way up the standards of Founders American Merchandise (FAM), a door-to-door pyramid scheme that affected those closest to her. The show boasts of a remarkably impressive storyline and extraneous characters that keeps the audience glued throughout and makes the show irresistible.

This incredible show is about a multi-level marketing fraud that tricks people into buying poor quality products in bulk and expecting the buyers to sell it to the other people. Krystal Stubbs played by Kirsten Dunst, is a wife and a mother of a young child. She works at a water park. After her husband’s death, Kirsten decides to dive deep into the scheme, despite knowing that it is built on false promises.

The show perfectly balances the emotional journey of Kirsten along with spot-on satire. Apart from Kristen Dunst, the show also features Théodore Pellerin, Mel Rodriguez, Beth Ditto and Ted Levine. As the series progresses, each episode gets more interesting and engaging than the next. This show is an amalgamation of crime and drama which makes it stand out of the crowd. If you love dark comedy shows, then you will adore this series. On Becoming A God show is truly a masterpiece. You can enjoy seamless streaming of this wickedly-funny show online anywhere and anytime, only on SonyLIV.

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