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Lincoln Rhyme - Hunt For the Bone Collector

Lincoln Rhyme is a crime drama series adapted by Jeffery Deaver’s popular novel ‘The Bone Collector’. The series is based on a legendry criminologist who was badly injured while catching a notorious serial killer known as Bone Collector. After three years, when the killer re-emerges, the forensic genius and former NYPD detective Lincoln Rhyme partners with Amelia Sachs, a young officer to chase this diabolic serial killer who left him paralyzed three years ago. This detective duo comes together to solve the city’s most complicated cases. As the series progresses, there will be several other high-profile cases that they will crack while hunting for a deadly mastermind who brought them together. Besides Russell Hornsbuy Arielle Kebbel, the show also stars Tate Ellington, Ramses Jimenez, Michael Imperioli, Brooke Lyons, Roslyn Ruff, and Brian F.O’Bryne in pivotal roles. With an interesting storyline and keen character drama aspects, this series makes for an easy binge-watching session. This detective series is a perfect-fit for those who enjoy thriller drama with tons of mystery. 

Lincoln Rhyme Details


Gary Fleder, Jon Amiel, and Brand Anferson


Mark A. Baker, Mark Bianculli, and VJ Boyd


Mark Bianculli, VJ Boyd, Jeffery Deaver and Justin Boyd


Crime, Drama, and Mystery



Know more about the cast of Lincoln Rhyme

Russell Hornsby

Lincoln Rhyme

Arielle Kebbel

Officer Amelia Sachs

Roslyn Ruff


Michael Imperioli

Det. Michael Sellitto

Brooke Lyons


Tate Ellington


Lincoln Rhyme Plot

Lincoln Rhyme is an enchanting thriller series inspired by the popular novel ‘The Bone Collector’ by Jeffery Deaver. The show revolves around Lincoln Rhyme (Russell Hornsby), a former NYPD detective who teams up with an intuitive young officer named Amelia Sachs (Arielle Kebbel) to chase a ruthless serial killer who left him paralyzed three years ago. Lincoln Rhyme was on a roll until a serious attempt at his life by a diabolic serial killer known as Bone Collector drove him out of the field. The series has all the twist and turns that you could expect from a crime drama series. Created by Mark Bianculli and VJ Boyd, this mystery thriller has a compelling storyline that will keep you glued throughout. 

Every year we come across a number of crime series, but NBC’s Lincoln Rhyme is the one that you would find yourself fixated to, even if you are not a serious crime drama buff. This series is like a cop-criminal chess game where the logical acumen of Lincoln Rhyme gives off the vibes of Sherlock Holmes. In fact, the fascinating thing about Lincoln’s character is that because of his incapacitated body, he uses only his mind to catch criminals. Amelia Sachs becomes his eyes and ears in the field. As the series develops further, you will see how this unlikely detective duo will catch the diabolic serial killer while also taking up the most high-profile cases in NYPD. There are nine intriguing episodes in total. 

Starring Russell Hornsbuy as Lincoln Rhyme, this great series boasts of an impressive cast including Arielle Kebbel, Tate Ellington, Ramses Jimenez, Michael Imperioli, Brooke Lyons, Roslyn Ruff, and Brian F.O’Bryne. So if you are looking for an incredibly gripping show coupled with tons of mystery, then this show is worth checking out. Fantastic acting and enthralling performances make this one of the best shows right now.

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