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Directed by Nanette Burstein, Hillary is a short documentary based on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s life. This series features moments from her never-seen-before 2016 presidential campaign. It will take you through the interesting chapters of Hillary Clinton’s life, her work, and how she went on to become one of the most influential and admired women in the world. The 4-part series includes exclusive interviews with Clinton herself, along with her husband Bill Clinton, her daughter Chelsea Clinton, friends, and journalists. The final episode ‘’Be our Champion, Go Away’’ follows her journey from being a Senator to a presidential nominee. It also sums up the final days of her 2016 presidential campaign in an episode. As a whole, Hillary is worth a wholesome watch. So what are you waiting for? Deep dive into this well-knit documentary to take a look at Clinton’s overall journey. Sit back, relax, and watch all the 4 episodes of this Hillary documentary online, only on SonyLIV.

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Nanette Burstein


Timothy Moran, Chi-Young Park, Tal Ben-David

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Hillary Clinton

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Barack Obama

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Hillary Plot

Hillary is an awe-inspiring documentary about one of the most prominent modern political figures, Hillary Clinton. The plot of this insightful series revolves around Hillary Clinton’s life and legacy. Hillary is divided into four parts that constantly keep you on the edge-of-your-seat. This energetic documentary by Nanette Burstein showcases behind-the-scene moments from Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and also reflects how Hillary became one of the most formidable women leaders in the world. The show features exclusive interviews with Clinton, her husband Bill, old classmates, and journalists who have followed her career. The first part (‘’The Golden Girl’’) will take you through Hillary’s first political transformation – from a young suburban Republican to the rebellious First Lady of Arkansas. As the show proceeds, you will see Hillary’s debut on the national stage and her transformative turn as the first lady of the United States in another part (“Becoming A Lady”). The third part (The Hardest Decision) shows Trump attacking Bill Clinton’s infidelity, which was the most painful moment in her marriage. Even after 20 years, this still looms large in her campaign against Donald Trump. In the final part – ‘Our Champion, Go Away’, Hillary emerges as a Presidential candidate after serving two terms as First Lady. As a whole, Hillary series is a compelling story of a remarkably intimate portrait.

This American political documentary is worth watching. So, if you want to watch some documentaries besides broadening your political knowledge at the same time, then binge-watch all four parts of Hillary documentary series streaming online only on SonyLIV.

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