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Inspired by the true story of Isaac Wright JrFor Life is an American Drama series written by Hank Steinberg and directed by George Tillman Jr. This intriguing drama centres around the life of an imprisoned man named Aaron Wallace, who becomes a lawyer and surpasses all the legal hurdles to overturn a crime that wasn’t committed by him. Starring Nicholas Pinnock as Aaron Wallace, this remarkably engaging drama boasts of an indelible cast including Indira Varma, Joy Bryant, Dorian Crossmond Missick, Mary Stuart Masterson, Tyla Harri, Boris McGiver, Glenn Fleshler, and Eric Jensen. If you love courtroom dramas then For Life is something you should not miss out on.

For Life Details


Hank Steinberg


Curtis James Jackson III (50 Cent)


Legal and Drama



Know more about the cast of For Life

Nicholas Pinnock

Aaron Wallace

Indira Varma

Safiya Masry

Joy Bryant

Marie Wallace

Dorian Crossmond

Jamal Bishop

Tyla Harris

Jasmine Wallace

50 Cent

Cassius Dawkins

For Life Plot

An American Drama Series, For Life, is inspired by the life of Isaac Wright Jr. who was falsely convicted for a crime that wasn’t committed by him. The show, created by Hank Steinberg and produced by Curtis Jackson, is a family drama that predominantly focuses on the life of an innocent man whose mid-life crisis paves way for a totally new life. The show revolves around a prisoner Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock), who educates himself behind the bars and becomes a lawyer. Eventually, he uses his skills to defend other prisoners while trying to overturn his own punishment. Throughout his journey, he struggles with family responsibilities and tries to find a life behind the bars. His suffering and his complex relationship with prison warden Safiya introduces him to the loopholes in the legal system. You will get to see many shades of Pinnock’s character – as a prisoner, as a defense attorney, as a family person, and finally, as a freeman. 
For Life is an intriguing English webseries that boasts of an emphatic storyline, powerful dialogues and an incredible cast that brings life to the characters. Featuring an exceptionally talented cast highlighted by Nicholas, this drama is truly a treasure for people of all the ages. Nicholas Pinnock is playing the character based on Wright. Apart from Nicholas, the show features Indira Varma, Joy Bryant, Dorian Crossmond, Mary Stuart Masterson, Missick, Glenn Fleshler, Tyla Harris, and Boris McGiver as central characters. Joy Bryant can be seen playing the role of his ex-wife, on the other hand Indira Varma is portrayed as a prison warden. All these characters keep the audience glued throughout. For life has got 13 engaging episodes for its first season.
The story is all about hope and inspiration. It embodies how a person surpasses every legal hurdle to have his charges dismissed. In fact, the brilliance of this legal show builds both drama and tension and is certainly worth watching.

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