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Inspired by Anthony Horowitz’s spy novels, Alex Rider is an English web series based on teenagers and young adults. The show revolves around a teenage spy, played by Otto Farrant who discovers that he has been secretly trained to follow the footsteps of his uncle who was a spy. Starring Otto Farrant as teenage spy Alex Rider, the show sees that how he was driven to investigate his uncle’s death. His uncle was on the trail of Point Blanc at the time of his death. The British Security Intelligence service chooses Alex as a young spy who can infiltrate Point Blanc and see what’s happening inside. He goes undercover in a remote building school in the French Alps, Point Blanc, and he soon finds out that the students there are actually subjects for Doctor Grief’s disturbing plan. He tries to save everyone out there with the help of his exceptional skills while risking his own life.

Alex Rider Details


Andreas Prochaska and Christopher Smith


Andreas Prochaska, Guy Burt, Anthony Horowitz, Jill Green, and Eve Gutierrez


Guy Burt and Anthony Horowitz





Know more about the cast of Alex Rider

Otto Farrant

Alex Rider

Brenock O'Connor


Stephen Dillane

Alan Blunt

Ronkẹ Adékoluẹjo

Jack Starbright

Vicky McClure

Mrs Jones

Ana Ularu

Eva Stellenbosh

Alex Rider Plot

Alex Rider is an outstanding English thriller based on Anthony Horowitz's brilliant spy novel series. Adapted by Guy Brut, the show predominantly focusses on a teenage spy named Alex Rider who is forcibly recruited by MI6 following his uncle’s death. His uncle was a British spy and was killed in the line of duty. The intense themed drama revolves around the life of a teenage boy who unknowingly enters the deadly world of espionage and is sent on his first mission by Secret Intelligent Service (MI6) to infiltrate places that others are unable to. 

In his first mission, he goes undercover in an academy in the French Alps, Point Blanc. The story takes a thrilling turn when Alex finds out that the students are actually subjects of Doctor Greif’s disturbing plan. In the series, you will see how Alex uses his exceptional skills to save everyone’s life while putting his own life in danger. The interesting plotline of the show will continuously hook in the anticipation of what will happen next.

This endearing series has 10 episodes and each show is full of mystery and drama. With the unique storyline and entrancing writing, you will be quickly drawn in to the spy world. Apart from Otto Farrant, the show has an ensemble cast that makes it worth a wholesome watch. The list of characters includes Ana Ularu as Eva Stellenbosh, Brenock O’Connor as Tom Harris, Stephen Dillane as Alan Blunt, Vicky McClure as Mrs Jones, and Ronkẹ Adékọluẹ́jọ́ as Jack Bright.  So if you looking for an adrenaline-pushing adventure, then Alex Rider is really worth watching. This show has action and adventure that will keep the audience glued throughout. You can enjoy seamless streaming of all the episodes of this remarkably engaging thriller show online, only at SonyLIV.

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