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Based on a true-life event, ‘A Confession’ series is a thought-provoking drama that predominantly focuses on heart breaking tragedy and ethical dilemmas. ‘A Confession’ plot revolves around an investigator who breaks the police protocol to catch a killer. Steve Fulcher (Martin Freeman) who is playing the role of a detective superintendent begins investigating the case of a 22-year-old Sian O’ Callaghan, who went missing after a night out with friends. Full of suspense and tons of mystery, this engrossing drama series will keep you glued throughout. The ITV six-episode TV series is truly a great watch. Directed by Paul Andrew Williams, this gripping crime drama offers power-packed performances by some of the A-list British actors like Martin Freeman, Imelda Staunton, Siobhan Finneran and Joe Absolom. ‘A Confession’ TV show is so engaging that you barely have time to catch a breath. 

If you love watching dark and grim crime dramas, then binge-watch the entire season of ‘A Confession’ streaming online only on SonyLIV.

A Confession Details


Paul Andrew Williams


Tom Dunbar


Jeff Pope


Crime Drama



Know more about the cast of A Confession

Martin Freeman

Det. Supt. Stephen Fulcher

Imelda Staunton

Karen Edwards

Siobhan Finneran

Elaine Pickford

Joe Absolom

Christopher Halliwell

A Confession Plot

Directed by Paul Andrew Williams, ‘A confession’ is a dark thriller that revolves around an investigator, who is searching for a missing girl. But he ends up taking a completely different path and breaks the police protocol to find out the truth of the matter. The story covers a real crime case of a 22-year-old Sian O’ Callaghan, who disappeared after a night out with friends in the year 2011.  Steve Fulcher, played by Martin Freeman is a detective superintendent who begins investigating this case, when Sian’s worried boyfriend files her missing complaint to the police.

Thinking that Sian may still be alive, Steve Fulcher (Martin Freeman) starts a full-scale search operation with his team. After thorough investigation, Fulcher and his team discovers the CCTV footage of Sian on her way to home. His team’s finding also lead him to a local taxi driver named Christopher Halliwell who seem to be the chief suspect in this case. After Halliweli’s arrest, the investigation takes an unforeseen turn. Rather than bringing Halliweli back to the police station, Fulcher takes him to a remote location for confession. However, he discovers that the accused is responsible for more than one death.

A Confession’ TV series brings a lot of questions in one’s mind over whether Steve’s move was courageous or was it his recklessness that ultimately destroyed his own career. 

The cast of the show is nothing short of amazing. Featuring Martine Freeman and Imelda Souton in prominent roles, ‘A Confession’series casts incredibly talented actors including Siobhan Finneran and Joe Absolom. Written by award-winning screenwriter Jeff Pope, this compelling TV drama series stays with you in all the ways.

‘A Confession’ drama series has got all the twists and turns that you would expect from a crime drama show. If you are addicted to crime thriller shows, then you should definitely watch ‘A Confession’ streaming on SonyLIV. 

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